Welcome to The Dimestore Fishermen website

Welcome to The Dimestore Fishermen website!  We appreciate being your favourite Canadian community feature & fishing program. 

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The Dimestore Fishermen provides a focus on exposing great Canadian communities to an international viewing audience while focusing on the cultural, historical and recreational aspects of the region or municipality that we are visiting. 

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JIM PURDY from Kentville, Nova Scotia is coming FISHING with us ALL EXPENSES PAID in western Canada in June 2019. He is going to experience what a television shoot on TDF is all about.

2019 TDF winner


Cochrane Dodge Jeep Ram

Dimestore Cochrane Dodge

Jim Hoey shows off the ALL NEW TDF Dodge RAMRIDE by Cochrane Dodge Jeep Ram

cochrane dodge, tdf rebelride

Jim shows the all new TDF RebelRide from Cochrane Dodge Jeep Ram 



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Jim’s new Calgary Herald online article came out in the Local News section on August 6, 2019.   ‪#‎DNATION‬ – check out Jim’s latest Calgary Herald blog Click here: “Hoey: How to fish on TV for a Living



Jim & Jessica catching walleye on Lac La Biche


The Dimestore Fishermen 21st Season

The Dimestore Fishermen visits Great Slave Lake & Great Bear Lake in association with NWT Tourism & Plummer’s Arctic Lodges.  Jim, D’Arcy and Cal journey to the Arctic Circle to bring the best of fishing in NWT.    

Jim Hoey of The Dimestore Fishermen had this to say about the experience “We would like to thank the Plummer family, Chuk Coulter and our friends at NWT Tourism for making this such a special experience.  We really had an amazing trip and the Plummer’s team is really amazing at what they do.  Big time thanks to Chris, Garnett, Vince and Jordan our guides for doing a really tremendous job.  Our footage will be coming out soon on Youtube Stories @dimestorenation and our episodes will be in our 20th season and 21st season of the program.”  


great bear lake 3

Jim catches a giant Laker on Great Bear Lake

great slave lake pike

Cal catches a giant pike on the fly at Great Slave Lake


The Dimestore Fishermen is happy to announce our new supporters


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The Dimestore Fishermen

Our program has been in production for 21 years and broadcasting for 20 years all over our great country and the world. To date, we have only ever filmed in Canada. We have been in every province and territory. Typically, we film enough content for 13-16 feature episodes every year. We spend 5-6 days in a Canadian community during an event or festival in order to capture the spirit of the location we are visiting. It has been shared with us that we could quite possibly be the longest standing wholly owned independent television production in the history of our province. While that is quite a milestone, we are busy working hard all of the time to continue our tradition. We are proudly Canadian. 

TDF attends event we sponsored for opening of St Jude playground

TDF attends event we sponsored for opening of St Jude playground

In our website we have included a great deal of content for you our fan and visitor. On our website you will have an opportunity to: 

  • watch feature episode content,
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  • view TDF Good Information vignettes,
  • find out where to view the TV program,
  • read Jim’s blog for the Calgary Herald to learn more about the communities and fishing the show does,
  • learn more about our amazing Key Supporters,
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  • contact us to get to know us a little better,
  • learn about our production company. 

So take some time to click around the site. We are constantly updating content. We are really excited you have taken some time to visit us. Let’s get to know one another. That’s the Canadian way!