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One of the great results of our attendances is the specific tourism digital assets we are able to prepare for our host community. The video you are here to watch will relate what our experiences were during our time in the community. Each community is unique. Every place has it’s own identity. Over our many years of traveling to different communities all over Canada we have come to learn a great deal. Below the Slave Lake feature, Mr. George Wright, then period Executive Director of Lesser Slave Lake regional tourism discusses the value of our opportunity and his experience with our program.  Community pride, history and culture is one of our key concept initiatives for a reason. It is definitive of our process when we attend a Canadian community. We hope you can envision your community being able to relate itself through video. Enjoy these amazing Canadian communities.

Lesser Slave Lake Tourism Video from Jim Hoey on Vimeo.


This is the community of Slave Lake, Alberta located on Lesser Slave Lake in Alberta.  This community is famous for a fire that devastated the community in 2011.  Jim’s daughter Jessie related we needed to be there for the people after having seen a traumatic news piece on TV.  We immediately travelled there and learned a great deal about Canadian resilience.  To learn more about our experience please read Jim’s Calgary herald online article “More than a fire”.

Lesser Slave Lake Regional Tourism testimonial from Jim Hoey on Vimeo.


George Wright discusses the value of and his personal experience hosting The Dimestore Fishermen in his community.

Red Rock Ontario Tourism Video from Jim Hoey on Vimeo.


An intimate look at the North Superior Ontario community of Red Rock.