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Want to watch some feature episodes of The Dimestore Fishermen?  Well you are here at last.  Are we ever glad you made it.  We have been waiting for you.  If you are an existing fan of the show then we are glad you have decided to come back to the Dimestore.  If you are checking us out for the first time then welcome.  We have been making The Dimestore Fishermen since 1999.  We debuted the same time as Survivor.  Which is to say we have been doing this for a while.  We want you to know a few things about us.  Namely that we have only ever filmed in Canada.  We travel every year coast to coast to cover a wide varieties of Canadian communities and lifestyles.  Most importantly, that our program is about Canada’s communities as much as fishing.  Canada’s unique heritage and diverse multi cultural population is what makes our country so special.

Millions of people across Canada and the world have seen The Dimestore Fishermen. We do our best to make a difference in people’s lives. What’s amazing to us today is how enthusiastic people are when we visit their community. When people approach us to profess their excitement at our attendance in their community, they are excited to tell us all about how we have a connection to them. What we most commonly hear is “you know my aunt (or uncle or brother or mother or father or grandparent or friend) because you stopped in their community when you were filming such and such…” That is the best feeling in the world. Our viewers and supporters know we are accessible. We understand what a privilege and honor it is to just be with people. We live for it everyday.

We get up early every morning with a smile on our face and jump in our skates. The feature episodes you can view below are an example of our love for Canada and her people. Thanks to everyone who makes it so much fun to do what we do. We have prepared these videos for maximum viewing experience.  Please allow some time for videos to load. Usually between 3-5 minutes is enough load time for great viewing experience.  Enjoy the show!

The Dimestore Fishermen feature episode 16-13 from Jim Hoey on Vimeo.

The Dimestore Fishermen annual Bow River trip in the 16th season of the show features special guests daughter and father, Kaitlin and Kelly Hrudey. After many years not fly-fishing the guys get Kelly out on the Bow. When on the water they have a chance to talk about an event benefiting a couple of wonderful organizations. Kaitlin talks about her personal challenge with OCD in benefit of Canadian Mental Health.

16-10 Nipawin & Tobin Lake from Jim Hoey on Vimeo.

The legend of Tobin Lake is explored on this adventure. The Dimestore Fishermen are joined by D’Arcy’s dad Rob for a special father & son fishing episode.   The crew explore the Town of Nipawin, Saskatchewan. On the water, Ray from Twin Marine takes the guys out for one of the most unforgettable voyages they have experienced together. Massive and plentiful walleye are the outcome when the team drop their lines. If you love walleye fishing, this is an episode you surely want to watch.

TDF feature episode 16-09 from Jim Hoey on Vimeo.

A very special feature episode features remarkable cutthroat trout fishing on the storied North Ram River. Jim’s youngest son Hayden and friends Ryan Hlewka & Rick Sprecker join Jim and D’Arcy. Hayden casts, catches and lands his first cutthroat trout while learning about finesse dynamics for casting on a very special fishery. The Dimestore Fishermen turn a camping trip with friends into a memorable feature episode that demonstrates just how much fun fishing and camping really is.

1401forweb from Jim Hoey on Vimeo.

Crawling Valley, Region of Newell, Alberta. Join The Dimestore Fishermen for the beginning of the 14th season in this exciting adventure filmed in the region of Newell Alberta. Jim & Cal are joined by Ken Andrejcin for some remarkable walleye fishing on Crawling Valley Reservoir. The guys go to Dinosaur Provincial Park to experience a unique guided excavation. Then Jim dons 14th century battle armor at the Brooks Medieval Faire for a dual and learns what it’s like to have arrows shot at him. The guys visit a Canadian honey producing facility and EID historical park. Jim participates in a Dragon Boat Race and joins in at a Father’s Day Fishing Derby.

n1403preview from Jim Hoey on Vimeo.

Sharbot Lake in the Land O’ Lakes, Ontario. Jim, Jessica and D’Arcy all go to Sharbot Lake for Canada Day in this exciting episode that features some super fishing in Central and North Frontenac, Ontario. Jessie and dad learn about the different ways to be prepared in the Ontario wilderness and how to start a fire from expert David Arama. Local Danka Brewer also explains the rich cultural history in the area.


miramichiforweb from Jim Hoey on Vimeo.

Miramichi, New Brunswick. On this quest we traveled mid summer to the City of Miramichi during their Irish Festival in order to experience the festivities and the remarkable fishing for the Atlantic Salmon locals refer to during this time of year as Brights. Jim fishes with legendary guide Donny Beek.