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One of the great pleasures of making our program is the ability to meet remarkable supporters and produce high quality commercials for their business. All of our supporters think commercials are simply the icing on the cake. The ability to support our program to attend all over Canada and be involved in all that we are is always the attraction for our supporters. Because of their selflessness, we are always very motivated to do the best we can within our model of media to put forward their brand name and their initiatives in as unique a way as is possible. Creating commercials is a great deal of fun.

We have had our commercials air all over the world both with The Dimestore Fishermen and also independently. During the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi our commercials aired on CBC. That is because CBC referred us to great clients like Ford and Canadian Medipain. In fact, they referred us as their preferred production house of choice. That is impressive and flattering considering there are a lot of the unique agencies and boutiques available for businesses to produce thirty second commercials. We have also aired our commercial creations on NTV, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, CTV, OLN, Sportsnet, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, WILD TV just to name a few. We have placed a couple of examples of our work below.

Cochrane Dodge 30 Sec Creative from Dimestore Fishermen on Vimeo.

Hearth & Home Fireplace Specialties Warm for the Winter 30 second commercial from Jim Hoey on Vimeo.

Hearth & Home Fireplace Specialities. Warm for the Winter #1. Seen on CBC Dragon’s Den & CITY TV NFL Sunday & Mantracker.

Canadian Medipain in Calgary from Jim Hoey on Vimeo.


Canadian Medipain. CMP 1. Seen on CBC Olympic coverage in Sochi 2014.