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So you want to know where to see the show on TV? Broadcast stations times. You are in the right place. We get asked a lot where a person can see the show or find the broadcast station & times the program airs. Over the years TV has changed a lot. Now you can PVR the program. Which is to say, you can record it digitally and watch it later. We are very proud of our program and the broadcasters who air it.

We have had a relationship with NTV Canada’s Superstation for many years.  G.W. Stirling founded NTV in 1955 and is now one of the last independently owned and operated television stations in the world.  NTV was also the first television station in North America to broadcast 24 hours per day. NTV is now run by Geoff’s son, G. Scott Stirling, and there are staff that have been working there in excess of 30 years.  Congrats to the Stirling family for a remarkable contribution to Canadian broadcasting.

Or how about Newcap TV a CTV national affiliate in Lloydminster? This station has been operating for a long time with a wonderful team of people who provide great and informative programming for their audience.  We have a lot of people relate they see our program on this channel and we are grateful to the team at Newcap TV.  We have been airing with Newcap TV for nearly 10 years now.

YES TV is a commercial television station committed to positive, family-friendly, entertainment programming. YES TV is licensed and regulated by the CRTC as a religious channel and an exclusively Canadian television station, available in 6.9 million homes across Canada.

WILD TV was started in Alberta by an amazing father/son team Dieter & Ryan Kohler. With humble beginnings, this stand-alone outdoors hunting & fishing specialty network has established itself as a brand people who love the outdoors in Canada want to watch.

Just like everything we do, it really is all about the people we meet. We are attracted to people who think outside the box like we do. We are proud to say every single one of the broadcasters that we entrust with our program thinks and acts independently.

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We are on NTV Canada’s Superstation Saturdays at 10am MT & NOON ET. NTV is available by all major cable distributors and direct to home satellite providers.

Newcap TV, The Dimestore Fishermen

Newcap TV, a national CTV affiliate airs The Dimestore Fishermen on Sunday mornings at 8am MT.

We air on CKCS (Calgary) and CKES (Edmonton) Saturdays @ 3 pm & Sundays @ 11:30 am.

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The Dimestore Fishermen airs on select Canadian SHAW local cable channels

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Sunday at 6:30am MT/8:30AM ET, Monday at 8am MT/10am ET, Tuesday 1:30pm MT/3:30pm ET